1.1 Introduction


Welcome to the CanadaBoatSafety.com online study guide for acquiring your Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC).




The study material is laid out in five chapters. Each chapter covers a major learning unit and is broken down into several sections (numbered sequentially within the chapter). Each section may be broken down into two or more subsections (numbered sequentially within the section).

Sections (and sub-sections) are referenced by their chapter, section number, and sub-section number, separated by a period (.). For example, "1.2.3" refers to sub-section 3 in section 2 of chapter 1.

The boating world has an extensive vocabulary. Learning this vocabulary requires repeated exposure and use. To help in this process, definitions for all significant terms are available by placing the cursor over the desired term. Available terms are displayed in red italics as shown.

Manual propelling device

Links to other websites or documents are shown in bold blue text. Emphasized points or terms are shown as highlighted text.


Approach to Learning


While your primary purpose for taking this online course may be to acquire your PCOC, it's essential that you view this material as information that will help to keep yourself, your passengers, and your vessel safe when boating. Being the operator of a pleasure craft carries substantial responsibilities. Concentrate on understanding the material before leaving a section and moving on to the next section. It may take a little longer, but it is a small investment of time in return for a life-long benefit.