About Us

CanadaBoatSafety.com is a Transport Canada accredited provider of the pleasure craft operator card (PCOC) course, including the exam and replacement cards. CanadaBoatSafety.com was founded in 2002, is Canadian operated and Canadian owned, and is based in Toronto, Ontario and Vancouver, British Columbia.

Upon successfully passing the Transport Canada Boating Safety Test, CanadaBoatSafety.com will issue your personalized Pleasure Craft Operator Card.

CanadaBoatSafety.com is a division of Monologix, Inc., a company dedicated to web and mobile-based interactive education properties, including BoatTests101.com (NASBLA and US state accredited boat course provider in 12 states) and DrivingTests101.com (a global driving test prep website and apps operating in 23 countries). Monologix is Canadian operated and Canadian owned.