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Take The Boating Course Online

Complete the online course. The course presents the material in a flexible and easy-to-understand manner. The material is organized into five chapters, with a 10 question quiz at the end of each chapter. You must achieve a passing grade of 80% before proceeding to the next chapter.


Pass The Official Test

Take the Transport Canada Boating Safety Test. This is a timed (75 minute) test consisting of 50 multiple-choice questions and a pass mark of 75% (at least 38 of 50 questions must be answered correctly).

Unlimited test retries included

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Print your Temporary Card

Your temporary PCOC can be downloaded and your permanent card will be sent to you via mail.

What is a Pleasure Craft Operator Card?

In order to legally operate a motorized pleasure craft in Canada, you must be able to provide proof of competency. Unless you have completed a boating safety course in Canada prior to April 1, 1999, obtained a specified marine safety certificate issued to professional mariners, or have an applicable Rental Boat Safety Checklist, a Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC) is required as proof of competency.

Boating Safety Tips

  • Take a boater safety course to get your Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC).

  • Consider a free Pleasure Craft Courtesy Check (PCCC). This is provided free by the Canadian Power and Sail Squadron (CPS-ECP) in partnership with The Office of Boating Safety.

  • Wear a proper life jacket

  • Learn to swim

  • Follow proper anchoring techniques

  • Do not overload the boat with passengers or equipment

About Us is a Transport Canada accredited provider of the pleasure craft operator card (PCOC) course, including the exam and replacement cards. was founded in 2002, is Canadian operated and Canadian owned, and is based in Toronto, Ontario and Vancouver, British Columbia.

Upon successfully passing the Transport Canada Boating Safety Test, will issue your personalized Pleasure Craft Operator Card.

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